Walks Program Guidelines Equipment Membership

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     Lake Macquarie  Bushwalkers Inc.  

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      ABOUT US

Lake Macquarie Bushwalkers Inc. has been engaged in bushwalking since 1998. The Club is a member of Bushwalking NSW Inc.  The Club walks primarily in the Hunter Valley, Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Central Coast and occasionally in the Sydney Area.



    To organise bushwalking through day walks on a regular basis.

To foster an appreciation of and respect for unspoiled bush land, natural scenery and wildlife and to enjoy the social aspects of bushwalking.

    To operate within the scope of the Club’s Risk Management Policy.



       The Club meets Saturday and Wednesday for day walks. The Walks Program (available on this site) indicates:

     The scheduled walk

     Grade (degree of difficulty for each walk)

     The name of the Leader and a telephone contact

Visitors are required to phone the leader at least two days before the scheduled walk. Please view the Walk Grading Descriptions, Walker Guidelines and Equipment Advice sections of this web for further information.




                        Club walk overlooking Catherine Hill Bay





Excursions to other regions and states are an annual feature on our programs. The duration of these excursions may vary from a few days to a week. The group usually operates from a home base (rented accommodation) with day walks in the surrounding areas.



                                   Walking the Great Ocean Road



    Current joining fee is $25.00 All persons 18 years and over are welcome to apply for membership.

    The annual fee covers affiliation with Bushwalking NSW Inc. and public liability insurance.


     Visitors are always welcome and can participate in up to 3 walks before joining the Club. 


        CONTACT US

             For more information Email the Secretary at: lmbushwalkers@gmail.com




Walks Program Guidelines Equipment Membership