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                                                                               PERSONAL EQUIPMENT

1.       FOOTWEAR. 

                                    This is the most important part of your equipment. 

                                     Footwear needs to be comfortable, closed (shoes or boots) and have effective tread. 

2.        CLOTHING. 

                                   Should be loose and comfortable and preferably constructed from a strong fabric.

                                    Long sleeves and long trousers are recommended for sun protection and walking through thick scrub.

                                     A wide brimmed hat is essential for sun protection.  


                                    Light plastic raincoats or poncho and umbrella are common items found in a walker’s backpack. 

4.      BACKPACK.  

                                    A backpack is required to carry your gear as it leaves your hands free.  


               *  A minimum of one litre or two litres or more  of water in hotter conditions

               *  Sufficient food for your needs

               *  If you carry medication, ensure you carry adequate supplies.

                *  Advise the walk's leader if your medical condition is likely to affect your walking.

               *  First Aid Kit. The kit should include adhesive strips or elastoplast  for blisters.

                *  A triangular bandage, safety pins, antiseptic lotion and paracetamol are also useful additions.  



                                                              Majestic waterfall on a bushwalk


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